Filter Presses

Filter presses were first used in the Ceramic Industry over one hundred and sixty five years ago. Since that time they have been used in numerous applications so much so that it is referred to as the “work horse” of the filtration world.

Typical applications are:-

  1. Sewage Sludge
  2. Potable Water Sludge
  3. Dyestuffs
  4. Colours and Pigments
  5. Washed Coal Tailings
  6. Heavy Metal and Plating Shop Effluents
  7. Food and Beverage Processing
  8. Most Industrial Effluents
  9. Mining
  10. Power Generation

And there are many more industries where filter presses are used….

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Filter Press Frame Assembly

Filter Presses

Membrane Press

Membrane Filter Presses achieve a higher dryness of the solid by using an inflatable membrane within the filter plates to compress the remaining liquid from the filter cake. The range of achievable dry matter contents extends from 30 to over 80 percent. The membrane inflation medium consists either of compressed air or a liquid medium (e.g., water).

Membrane filter presses offer an extremely increased degree of dewatering and can also reduce the filtration cycle time. This will lead to better work efficiency and productivity.

The recessed membrane allows a more uniform cake thickness and a very good washing result.


  • Shorter filtration cycles
  • Shorter washing times
  • Higher dry solids content
  • Even cake thickness distribution across filtration area
  • Higher throughput rate
  • Reduced water consumption
  • Reduced air consumption during blow-drying
  • Superior cake washing/blowing results