Filter Plates & Accessories

We supply a wide range of polypropylene filter plates which are available in different sizes from 250mm to 2400mm, with the option for various filter cake thicknesses from 15mm to 50mm, dependant on the filter plate design and configuration.

Filter Plates can be manufactured in various combinations and styles to include:

  • Centre Feed with external bib drainage;
  • Centre Feed with internal port drainage;
  • Options on feed port positions, (top centre feed, centre feed, corner feed, etc…)
  • Gasketed Style Filter Plates for Leak Reduction;
  • Full or Mixed Membrane Plate Packs;
  • Plates Ported for Cake Wash or Air Blowing;
  • Heated Filter Plates for slurries that need to be kept warm;
  • Atex Manufactured and Certified Filter Plates


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Filter Plates and Filter Frames

Types of Filter Plates

Recessed Filter Plate

These filter plates are widely used in many applications and are a very cost-effective solution when using filter presses in the filtration and dewatering processes.

Some advantages are:

  • Suitable for high filtration temperatures.
  • Individual cake thicknesses are available based on the slurry and/or customer requirements.
  • Can be made to withstand very high filtration pressures, up to 20 bar.

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