Ceramic Rams

Latham International Ltd now manufacture the Ceramic Rams for the Ram Pumps.

Ceramic Rams are available for the following Ram Pumps:

  • 4″ Ram Pumps
  • 6″ Ram Pumps
  • 9″ Ram Pump

The Rams can also be manufactured and supplied in Alumina or Steel Coated. All these materials are resistant to abrasion and are hard-wearing.

High quality filter equipment

Latham International Ltd will provide the highest quality of products and services to all our customers. We will continue to attain the high standards set by the Quality Management Standard (ISO 9001:2015)  and will continue to be independently assessed to ensure that these standards are maintained consistently.

We will rigorously controlling the supply, installation and completion of all projects to the detailed programme set and agreed with our customers.

Latham International will always operate the business to the Quality Management Standards required by ISO 9001: 2015.