Filter Press Operation

Videos showing a range of Latham International Filter Presses in Operation can be seen on our YouTube Channel by clicking the YouTube logo below:

The animations below illustrate a range of Filter Press Operations our equipment provide:

Filter Press Filling

Multi-Shake Operation

Platemech with Single Shaker Operation

Standard Platemech Operation on a Sidebar Press

Standard Platemech Operation on an Overslung Press

Continuous Platemech Operation on an Overslung Press

Our New Filter Presses

Range of Presses

A full range of presses are available manual, semi mechanised and fully mechanised.

Range 250mm2 laboratory presses up to 2.4m2 conventional membrane or plate and frame.


Up to 30 bar


Automatic plate movement
Automatic cloth washing
Multiple cake discharge
Photo electric light guards
Automatic drip trays
PLC Control
Membrane inflation
Cake washing and air blow
Core blow