Driving Down the Costs of Better Solid Liquid Separation

About Latham International

Latham International Ltd are specialists operating at the forefront of today’s pressure filtration technology and the Coagulation and Flocculation processes. Our filter presses achieve a more efficient level of solid liquid separation than alternative methods. Our success is founded on world class standards of service and know-how: developing tailor-made systems which drive down costs for our customers and deliver clearer filtrates from more compact, easy-to-manage cakes.


High Performance Through Innovation

Since our foundation in 1981 we have established a position as world leaders in pressure filtration systems for sludge dewatering and water filtration. Innovation is the key, responding to the demand for higher and higher levels of performance – often driven by environmental concerns. Available in fully automatic form or requiring no special skills to operate, our presses are reliable, easy to maintain, and engineered for continuous long life performance.


Our customers span a wide range of industries: food and drink, brewing, chemicals, textiles, ceramics, plastics, paper, and mining, as well as water and sewage treatment and many more. We work as enthusiastically with smaller companies as with big “blue-chip” names. And with an international network of experienced agents now in place, we are able to take our special brand of high efficiency dewatering solutions anywhere in the world.

Our Clients: